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Why Choose Jones Dunnett Group?

You need a senior care housing partner you can count on. With decades in the care industry, we are here to answer your questions. Find out how easy it is to do business with us.

Trusted Business Partners

You need to work with a group that gets the job done. Jones Dunnett Group has a proven track record of success in deals and will leverage that experience to add value to our partners.

Streamlined Process

With an emphasis on technology, the Jones Dunnett Group uses a proprietary app stack to streamline all of our processes. Our project and program management is as professional as it gets.

Technology Enhanced

Leveraging data analytics tools and artificial intelligence, we are able to forecast markets in an efficient way. You will see our enhancements in technology and automation in a space that has been historically lacking.


Our partners and advisors have decades of experience in real estate, finance, operations, marketing and management. With a focus on healthcare and senior housing, our experience is unparalleled.


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